Syringe Infusion Pumps

S100, S200, S300

Model S100


 Basic model 

•  Infusion in mL/h  

 Calculation of infusion rate based on volume and time 

 Only a few seconds to start infusion  


Model S200


•  Offers S100 capabilities 

   +  Infusion in the most popular units 

   +  Infusion modes:  Intermittent, Profile and Ramp-up/Ramp-down 


Model S300


•  Offers S200 capabilities 

   + Enables use of drug or labels library 

   + Possibility to purchase a pump with the extension of the TCI / TIVA function  

       Available drugs and models:

       - Propofol: Marsh, Schnider, Kataria, Peadfusor

       - Remifentanil: Minto


Model S300 PCA


•  Offers S300 capabilities 

   +  Designed to fight against acute pain 

   +  PCA cover and lock to protect against an unauthorized access 

   +  PCA button to start programmed patient bolus  

   +  Infusion modes of PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) and PIEB (Programmable Intermittent Epidural Bolus) 



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 Large and colour display with high resolution and contrast 


 Intuitive user interface 


 Touchscreen, symbolic and alfanumeric keyboard 


 Automatic syringe installation and detection system 


 Very short time to start infusion 


 Exceptional continuity of infusion 


 Advanced and easy to use drug library 


 Various infusion modes and units choice 


 Several protection and security solutions for safe infusion 


 Integrated with hospital data systems (HIS/PDMS) 

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