Syringe Infusion Pumps

S100, S200, S300

Syringe Infusion Pumps

Model S100


Basic, very simple model operating in mL/h 


Calculates infusion rate based on volume and time 


Continuous infusion mode only 


Infusion start combined with a syringe installation takes a couple of seconds only  



Model S200


•  Offers S100 capabilities 


+ Infusion flow rate programmable in mL/h and other frequently used units: g, mg, µg, ng, mL, L, kJ, J, kcal, cal, mol, mmol, kIE, IE, mIE, kIU, IU, mIU, Eq, mEq, µEq / --, kg, m²/ min, h, 24h 


+ Numerous infusion modes such as: continuous, intermittent, TPN and profile (up to 24 steps) 


+ Comprehensive configuration options: advanced protection system, night and day mode, advanced alarm options 


Model S300


Offers S200 capabilities 


+ One library for the whole hospital consisting of up to 40 CCAs (Clinical Care Area), up to 40 categories, up to 5000 drugs procedures   


+ Drug procedures including default parameters, hard and soft limits, high and low limits, multiple fixed concentrations, advisory notes, security functions, max. syringe size etc.  


+ Additional pump configuration for each drug and CCA  


+ Number of other functions increasing infusion's safety  




Offers S300 capabilities 


+ Designed to fight against acute pain. Equipped with a patient-operated button which starts the delivery of programmed drug dose and a syringe cover with a lock 


+ Option to switch to standard infusion modes same as for the S300 model 


+ Versions with or without syringe cover 


+ Available in Q2 2018 




Offers S300 capabilities 


+ Designed for anesthetic applications with built-in pharmacokinetic models of drugs 

+ Available in Q2 2018  

Basic functions


All Medina pumps are operated in the same manner (differences between models considered) and have a number of common features:


Large and colour display with high resolution and contrast 




Alphanumeric keyboard as in cell phone  


Wide range of world popular syringes with volumes of 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 20, 30, 35, 50, 60 ml. Other syringes may be calibrated according to the customer’s needs 


Automatic syringe installation and detection simplifying and speeding up pump readiness for infusion, increasing its safety and reducing the initial infusion errors  


Easy to operate and intuitive interface based upon context menu which suggests only these parameters and data necessary for the particular phase of infusion setting. This solution allows to save time in order to start infusion while providing the highest standards of safety at the same time 


Fast infusion start. Quick data entry with the use of alphanumerical keyboard. Its combination with touch screen gives the user several ways how parameter’s  value  can be chosen or input. All parameters can be adjusted without infusion interruption 


Various infusion units: g, mg, µg, ng, mL, L, kJ, J, kcal, cal, mol, mmol, kIE, IE, mIE, kIU, IU, mIU, Eq, mEq, µEq / --, kg, m²/ min, h, 24h 


Security levels. Programmed parameters can be password-protected. Additionally sophisticated function protection system allows blocking access to chosen functions, i.e. infusion start,  bolus start, occlusion level change, infusion stop etc 


Automatic and manual bolus based on programming dose, time or flow rate 


Automatic occlusion bolus reduction (Antibolus) after occlusion alarm has been generated  


12 levels of occlusion pressure. Possibility to adjust the pressure level without infusion interruption. Intelligent occlusion avoidance algorithm. Pressure indication displayed constantly during administration  


Sophisticated system of alarms. Consists of three levels of priority (high, medium, low) with visual and acoustic notifications. Allows different tones, loudness and time intervals. Built -in night mode with the option to set lower volume level as well as reduce display brightness 


History of infusion. Allows storing full infusion history (parameters, operator’s activities and alarms along with the date and time of occurrence). The stored information can be viewed either on the pump's display or on PC 


Drug library. One drug library for the whole medical unit which can automatically be uploaded by Medima medical software to the pumps without infusion interruption  

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Infusion pumps belong to medical devices group which work effectiveness influences medical procedures safety in much extent. That’s why Medima attaches great importance to safety of use of its products both in terms of reliability and simplicity of use and equipment damages/malfunctions.


Our infusion pumps distinguish themselves with following features:  



Large and colour graphic display with high resolution and contrast. Its great quality allows for infusion status observation from afar and from large acute angles. Additionally its  

  properly chosen colour feature increases its projected data legibility


User’s interface based upon touchscreen and alphanumeric keyboard provides the fastest and exceptionally intuitive way of pump’s handling. Depending on personal preferences  

  user can use different ways of parameter values input. Due to context menu and highly functional interface, all the most important functions are quickly available as soon as displayed

  objects are touched and do not require long unintuitive menu lists searching


Automatic syringe installation system is the fastest and the safest way of pump preparation for infusion. There is no possibility of leaving an installed syringe in the pump unprotected  

  while possible for manual solutions. System completely eliminates possibility of uncontrolled gravitational infusion.


Exceptional regularity of infusion in syringe infusion pumps guarantees their efficiency when great stability of infusion with small flow rates is expected. It is especially   

  important in case of drug supply with short activity time and in case of low volume drug infusion with long time distribution (Neonatology).


Drug library installed in the pumps divided into separate lists of particular wards (CCAs) provides one solution usage for the whole medical administrative unit. Drug library uploading   

  in the pumps is automatic and invisible for users with infusion not needed to be stopped while already started. 5000 drug dosing procedures together with soft and hard limits, low

  and high limits, titration limits, advisory notes, increase safety of infusion fulfilling expectations of the biggest and the most demanding medical centers.


Fact of integration necessity is practically one of the requirements for the medical devices groups at the moment. Our pumps installed in our docking stations automatically connect  

  with MedimaNet network system which allows for monitoring and archiving of performed infusions and integration with hospital data bases (HIS/PDMS). They also provide

  cooperation with our specialized software modules such as Medima Drug Editor, Medima Configurator, Medima Service & Maintenance which complement functional infusion

  systems of Medima.

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